5 Best Stabilizer for AC [Expert Advice]

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If you live in third world countries like India and Africa where power fluctuations are common

Then you must use a voltage stabilizer especially in the case of an air conditioner


Because it is a heavy load appliance that runs on high power.

Remember the last time when you purchased your AC and the salesman appealed to buy a stabilizer also.

Which is fine from the salesman side but the stabilizer must be of good quality and also from a good brand like V-Guard, Microtek, etc

This post is a compilation of the best stabilizer for both window and split air conditioner

But first, let’s see some features it must have to be used with an AC

Features an AC stabilizer must have

Cuts off power during heavy fluctuation – Suppose if your stabilizer has an operating range of 130-290 volt and if the power supply goes out of this range then the stabilizer must cut off the power

Maintaining required output voltage 220-250 volt – Whatever may be the input voltage to the stabilizer it must maintain the output voltage in the range of 220-250 volt.

Time delay function – It is very crucial in the case of an air conditioner that uses a compressor. Time delay feature allows the current to reach the compressor only after a few moments when the power comes back after a cut.

Overload protection During a sudden power surge from the transformer or during lightning or in case of short circuit. The stabilizer must cut off the power 

Pricing of stabilizer Depends Upon

Operating Voltage Range – It depends on the voltage range it can work in without cutting off power. Wider the range the better. However, it will also cost more. If you live in an industrial area or in villages then you must go with a wider operating range stabilizer.

Wiring – If the wiring used is made of aluminum then the cost will be lower compared to copper wiring. It is recommended to use copper wiring

Air Conditioner tonnage or Load – You can expect the price to be 3000-4500 indian rupees in case of AC of 1.5 ton and higher in case AC up of 2 ton.

Best Stabilizer for AC in India

1. Microtek EM4130+ Automatic Stabilizer – Best for 1.5 ton AC


  • Operating Range: 130-300V
  • Tonnage: upto 1.5
  • Wiring: Copper
  • Display: Digital
  • Warranty: 3-Year

Microtek is a reputed Indian based company that manufactures generator and UPS, stabilizers, inverter and other power products

It is an ISO certified company.

This voltage stabilizer can work in the range of 130-300 volt, this is a wide operating range best for protection against heavy voltage fluctuations in village areas.

It is suitable for AC with tonnage up to 1.5

It can work as both a step-up and step-down stabilizer. When the voltage is on the higher side it brings the voltage down to the required voltage.

The same goes for increasing the voltage when the input voltage is on the lower side.

The cut-off feature is effective in cutting off the power in case the mains supply goes out of its range.

Comes with a Time delay feature mainly required by ACs.

The winding inside is made of 100% copper, optimal for working.

Wall mount this stabilizer so that it does not get in contact with the ground.

The company offers a 3 year warranty on this product.

2. V-Guard VWI 400 2850-Watt AC Stabilizer – Best Brand


  • Operating Range: 130-280V
  • Tonnage: upto 1.5
  • Wiring: Copper
  • Display: Digital
  • Warranty: 3-Year

V-Guard is a popular brand known for stabilizers in India. 

Though it manufactures many other products like fan, stove, mixer, cooler but it is best known only for stabilizers

It is the first choice of consumers when it comes to protecting their appliances from power fluctuations.

This device can work in the operating range of 130-280 volt after that it cuts-off the power. The output voltage it tries to give is 230-250 volt.

Comes with an intelligent time-delay system which ensures your AC PCB or compressor does not get damaged when the power comes suddenly back after a power cut.

You can use this device with both a window or a split AC. It can work with AC with upto 1.5 tonnage.

It has all the required features like the time delay system, cut-off protection, thermal overload protection.

You can even use this device with a generator powering the AC

The device body is made of ABS material which is basically plastic.

This is the best stabilizer for home and comes with a 3 year warranty

3. Candes Crystal 4kVA for 1.5/1 Ton AC – Highest Warranty


  • Operating Range: 130V to 285V
  • Tonnage: 1.5 Ton
  • Wiring: Copper+Aluminium
  • Display: Digital
  • Warranty: 6-Year

Candes seems a newcomer in this market segment

They manufacture home appliances like fan, heater, wires, pump, etc

Features wide operating voltage range of 130-285 volt, best for use in tier-3 cities and village areas.

It can handle a load capacity of upto 4kVA and it can be used to work with ACs upto 1.5 ton.

The wiring present inside is both aluminum and copper, it is not 100% copper.

Comes with an automatic cut-off feature that shuts down the power to the appliance when the voltage fluctuates too much. 

For example, when the voltage reading goes as low as 90 volts, the stabilizer will switch off the power.

Built-in surge protection and thermal protection in case of lightning or overheating respectively.

The company is offering a whopping warranty of 6 years. 

The basic warranty is of 3 years, to get the additional 3 year warranty you will have to register the product with the company.

For registration, you can contact their customer care service or directly email them

4. V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer – Budget Friendly


  • Operating Range: 170V to 270V
  • Tonnage: 1.5 Ton
  • Wiring: Aluminium
  • Display: None
  • Warranty: 3-Year

If you are low on budget then you can go with this V-Guard stabilizer whose pricing is on the lower side.

For ACs with up to 1.5-ton capacity, it operates fine without malfunctioning.

To cut the price down and make the device more budget-friendly the company has used aluminium wire instead of copper wiring.

Its operational range is 170V to 270V, outside of this its smart cut-off feature cuts off the mains supply.

Even at this price, it offers the intelligent time-delay function that is very helpful in protecting the compressor from damage.

In case of overloading the power goes off.

Wall mount this stabilizer high from the ground for safety.

One major con of this unit is it does not have an electronic display unit but still this can be compensated considering the low pricing.

Offers a 3-year warranty like other units.

5. V-Guard VGB 500 Digital – Best for 2 Ton AC


  • Operating Range: 130V to 300V
  • Tonnage: 2 Ton
  • Wiring: Copper
  • Display: Digital
  • Warranty: 3-Year

If you have a heavy AC of 2 ton then this stabilizer would be the best contender.

The input range for this device is 130-300 volts. The range is big enough for using it in tier-3 cities and villages. 

If you want to buy this device then you can check this on Flipkart but do note that this device is much costlier than other units.

All the features that are crucial while working with an AC are present here – intelligent time delay function, smart cut-off, and surge protection.

It also offers a 3-year warranty like other units.

If you live in cities like Delhi where voltage fluctuations are low and uncommon then you can check this stabilizer from microtek with lower operating range. This one is cheaper due to the low voltage range.

This one also works with 2 ton AC.

Frequently asked Questions

How to choose a right-sized stabilizer?

Size of the stabilizer is based on the load of the appliance. Suppose you have 1000 watt power AC then you will need a 1.2 kVA stabilizer. The basic is to increase the kVA by 20% of the wattage

Can AC be used without stabilizer?

Voltage fluctuations are generally seen in India. 

The refrigerant used inside AC is hazardous and inflammable. Sudden power surges and voltage fluctuations can damage your AC making it catch fire or even explode.

You must never use an AC without a stabilizer even if “stabilizer free operation is written on it”

Some ACs may have a built-in system to safeguard it from voltage fluctuations and power surges.

But still, always use stabilizer for double security

Does an inverter AC require a stabilizer?

Modern ACs come with inverter technology which allows them to operate in a wider voltage range without getting damaged or shut down.

Few ACs like Samsung AC with S-UTR compressor or Daikin inverter ACs do not require a stabilizer as they have built-in mechanisms to switch off in case of a power surge or when the voltage goes out of their operating range.

But still, AC is a big appliance that contains refrigerant which is inflammable in nature

For double safety, you must always use a good stabilizer.

To know more click here

My AC has written “stabilizer free operation”. Do I require a stabilizer?

“Stabilizer free Operation” may mean the appliance can work in a wide operating voltage range but it may not necessarily mean that it can switch off when the input voltage goes out of its operating range or in the case of a sudden power surge or short circuit.

So yes you require a stabilizer.

Can I use my TV stabilizer with my AC?

No, you cannot use your TV stabilizer or any other stabilizer with your AC. 

These devices are made differently for each appliance.

You need a stabilizer specifically made for an AC

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