Does sleep mode in AC save electricity

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There are mainly 6 standard modes in our home air conditioner.

Two of which are sleep mode and energy saver mode.

Homeowners generally ask what is the difference between these both and which mode to use at night.

This post will answer every query.

First know the functionality of these modes.

Sleep mode as the name suggests is meant to be used at night. In this setting, the thermostat temperature will increase by 0.5 or 1 degree every hour upto max 2 hours.

Energy saver mode as the name suggests is meant for saving electricity. ACs are high power consumption appliances which leads to high electricity bill in the summers. That is why to reduce the bill manufacturers have put this mode in AC.

Energy saver mode in terms of operation differ from ac model to model. With non inverter window AC the compressor shuts off frequently to save electricity. With LG ACs, to save electricity it can operate on 40%, 60% power of the compressor.

Can Sleep mode save energy

If the thermostat temperature is set higher the power consumption will be lower. The lower is the thermostat temperature the higher will be the power consumption.

Thermostat temperature: The temperature one sets with his AC remote.

For example, electricity bill will be more if you run AC on 18 degree celcius, on the other hand if you run AC on 28 degree celcius bill will be lesser.

Coming to the sleep mode, as we know that the thermostat temperature increases with time in this mode. So yes, it will save electricity slightly.

Which one to use at night

To choose one you will have to look

  • Power Saving Capacity
  • Comfort Levels
  • Usage

Both energy saver mode and sleep mode save electricity but power saving capacity is more with energy saver mode.

Sleep mode is only meant for use at night while energy saver mode can be used anytime.

Talking of comfort levels, energy saver mode is not very good for comfort levels. As the compressor shuts off frequently, this leads to less cooling and your desired temperature which you set on the AC remote is rarely achieved.

This leads to poor level of comfort and feeling of uneasiness.

However you can increase your comfort levels with the use of ceiling fan.

Sleep mode does not hinder the comfort level as here only the thermostat temperature is raised by at most 2 degree celcius. Also there is dip in outdoor temperature at night.

So to choose one mode you will have to trade off between “comfort” and “electricity saving”.

The best is try both modes one at a time. With experience you will know better.

Going further if you are mainly concerned about electricity bills. In case of ACs it is dependent on the EER/ISEER rating. This gives use the efficiency of an AC.

The higher is the rating, more electricity it will save. So when buying AC this is the key factor to look for.

If your AC is too old it is better to buy a new AC as old ACs are very poor in terms of energy efficiency when compared to newer ACs.

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