What is convertible AC? Is it useful?

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As technology is advancing and new features are coming into the market air conditioners electricity consumption is only going lower making it affordable for middle class people in terms of electricity bills.

First came inverter technology, then convertible AC, now we can see 4-in-1 mode, 7-in-1 mode and so on. 

With all these terms and features consumers are only getting confused. 

They often ask us what is inverter technology, what is convertible mode, should I buy 4-in-1 or 6-in1 AC.

Here all your doubts will be cleared!

What is convertible AC?

convertible mode

Convertible AC is an air conditioner that can run on different cooling powers like 30%, 60%, 80%, etc. If a convertible AC is 1 Ton in capacity then the convertible mode will allow it to work as 0.3 Ton, 0.6 Ton, and 0.8 Ton.

This is possible due to inverter technology used  in it which allows the compressor to run on variable speeds.

In fewer ACs the cooling power can be increased from its max power to 110% but this is only enabled for a short span of time like say 40 minutes. 

This is very beneficial for getting faster cooling especially when coming from outside the house.

Every brand is now pushing split AC with different convertible features like some are offering 4-in-1 mode, others are offering 6-in-1 mode. 

Which one to choose for that read our last section.

4-in-1 convertible ac meaning

4-in-1 convertible AC will allow its capacity to change into 4 different options. For example 0.9 Ton, 1.1 Ton, 1.3 Ton, 1.5 Ton for this Whirlpool AC of 1.5 Ton.

5-in-1 convertible ac meaning

5-in-1 convertible AC will allow its capacity to change into 5 different options. For example 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, and Auto for this Lloyd AC 

6-in-1 convertible ac meaning

6-in-1 convertible AC will allow its capacity to change into 6 different options. For example 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, AI, and 110% for this LG AC 

Note: These modes can vary from model to model. It depends on the company. Every year we are seeing variations so read the product description for getting an accurate answer.

Convertible AC vs Inverter AC

Every convertible AC is an inverter AC so there is no difference between both. 

Inverter AC means an air conditioner with inverter technology, 

In simple terms inverter technology allows the compressor to run on varying speeds, this allows the AC to produce cooling in varying power.

It also allows the AC to run on varying voltage. 

The biggest advantage of inverter technology is it increases the cooling efficiency of the AC allowing it to consume less power.

Nowadays every new split AC has inverter technology but no window AC has inverter tech.

If you are going to buy any AC soon then do check our Best convertible AC in india list for home. 

Are there any Benefit of Convertible ACs

Here I will provide my personal opinion!

I don’t think the convertible feature in AC is any useful because we would rather set the temperature for cooling rather than reducing the cooling power to 50% or 80%.

I mean to say if you want to save power then you would set the temperature to 28 degree celsius rather than using the convertible feature to make it run on 50%.

Also if you reduce the cooling power to 50% then your room will not get cool then what is the use of AC though it may save power.

So instead setting the AC to the required temperature is fine because it has inverter technology. When the room cools down to the desired temperature then the AC will automatically run on low cooling power thus saving electricity.

So this feature is not that useful as marketed by brands!

For example if you set the temperature to 29 degree celsius then after a span of time your room temperature will become 29 degree and then the AC will reduce its cooling power to maintain 29 degree inside. This will save power.

But there is one case where this convertible feature is useful, that is when you buy an oversized AC. 

This means 1 ton AC was sufficient for your room size but instead you bought a 2 ton AC then this convertible mode will be very useful because you can run your 2 ton AC on 50% mode making it work like 1 Ton AC.

The next question comes: why would you pay more to buy a 2 Ton AC when 1 Ton AC is sufficient. Air conditioners are already expensive.

Also those convertible ACs which can increase its cooling power higher than their max capacity for example 110% are very useful.

Final suggestion: Do not think much just buy the latest year model because all split ACs are now coming with the convertible feature.

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