When is the best time to buy an Air Conditioner in India

Buying just before when the summer is about to start is the right time to purchase an AC but make sure to buy only the latest model according to the current year. Never buy an old model AC.

An air conditioner is an expensive appliance for many middle-class families.

At times we wonder what is the right time to buy an AC in India.

Is it just after the summers have passed?

Or in the winters?

Buying in the Offseason

Earlier it was a good option to buy an AC in the offseason.

When there were few companies and brands that manufactured air conditioners, it was a very good strategy to buy AC in the off-season or in the winter.


You can get the appliance at a very low price in the off-season due to the supply and demand factor

But this is not a good strategy now with technology advancing very fast, energy efficiency standards rising, and high competition among brands

There is no big benefit in buying during the off-season.

You may get huge discounts in the offseason but only for older models which the company wants to clear from their stock.

Never buy an older model air conditioner.

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Disadvantage of Buying in Offseason

  • You may get an older model
  • You may get deprived from the latest technology and features. In the year 2018 brands were not pushing inverter ACs much but now almost every split AC is inverter AC.
  • ISEER rating changes with time. So if you bought a 5 star AC in the offseason of 2019 then it will no longer be a 5 Star AC in 2020, it will be a 4 star AC according to the BEE rating standards of 2020.
  • The AC will remain dormant in the offseason without any use and still attract dirt and dust from the outdoor environment.
  • The surplus money you had will get used in something which will not be operational till the summer season comes. 

Right Time to Buy AC

Buying things when you need them is the right time to buy anything.

Buying in the winters will lead to non-usage till 4–5 months

Then what is the right time?

I think looking for an AC just before the start of the summer season is the right time as you will get the latest model plus at a good price.

Note: Never buy AC just after the end of the summer

If you still want to buy the AC in the off-season, then 2 months before summer – (March, April) is a good time.

Always try to get the same year model.

If purchasing online, the best is to look for a sale.

You can always get any product online at a discounted price throughout the year.

For ACs, the sale is frequent across the summer season.

You can get such offers throughout the summer season due to high competition between brands.

Today there is an aggressive competition between brands in the air conditioning market.

So buy when you require one and have available funds.

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