All Air Conditioner Tools Name List [Pictures + PDF included]

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There are many tools used by professionals but there are some important tools which every service technician must have for dealing with air conditioners and refrigerators. 

All AC Tools

Digital Clamp Multi Meter

Used to check amp and volt reading. Ampere reading is checked first during servicing of an air conditioner. 

Screw Driver

Most basic tool kept by every novice technician.

Pinch plier

Used to remove outer covering of wires. 

L Key Set

alln key set

Used for turning bolts and screws which have hexagonal sockets.

Screw Wench

Used to open different size nuts and bolts

Gauge Manifold

manifold gauge

Most important tool for ac service technicians. 

It is used to check pressure, leakage of ac and refrigerator. Also used during gas refilling.

Vacuum Pump

Often an old refrigerator compressor is used as a vacuum pump. 

Used to vacuum refrigerator refrigeration lines.

Swaging Tool

Used to increase the hole size of a pipe.

Mini Gas Welding Machine

Often a gas can is used with a torch for welding.

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