How often should I get my AC gas filling done

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The gas used inside the air conditioner is not like the gas used in a car or as the gas inside a kitchen gas cylinder.

It’s like the air inside a tire.

You don’t need to refill a tire as long as it does not leak.

Similarly, you don’t need your AC gas to be refilled as long as it does not leak out due to some leakage in the coiling.

But if your AC shows any signs of low gas then only get it refilled otherwise its gas can last as long as the AC unit.

Your air conditioner will show certain signs when its gas is low like

  • Low cooling
  • High power consumption
  • Ice formation on the evaporator coil or discharge pipe

Low gas indicates leakage and leakage needs to be fixed before refilling otherwise you will again need gas refill in the next season or year.

If your AC shows any signs of low gas then get your AC checked by a professional technician.

He can identify the leakage and fix it after which he will top up the gas for you.

To learn more about how the AC works check this article.

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