Is Stabilizer required for Inverter AC or Normal AC

You need a stabilizer for your air conditioner to protect it from damage against power fluctuations. Inverter ACs can work fine to some extent against fluctuations but they still need stabilizer for safety. Stabiizer Free Operation written on ACs does not ensure 100% safety.

In short, Yes you need a stabilizer for both – Inverter or Non Inverter AC but let’s know why

In India, we often listen about the voltage fluctuations in areas.

These are frequent in tier-3 cities or village areas but are uncommon in cities like Delhi

Voltage Stabilizer is a device that protects your home appliances from damage.

In the case of AC, voltage stabilizer must have these features

  • Maintain output voltage of 220-250 volts
  • Time Delay Function
  • Cut-Off Protection
  • Surge Protection

Normal vs Inverter AC

In normal AC, the compressor runs at a constant speed while in the case of inverter AC the compressor can run at a variable speed

An inverter AC has some fixed cooling capacity range. For example, a 1 Ton Inverter AC may work like a 0.8 Ton AC or a 1.2 Ton AC.

But for a 1 Ton normal AC, it can only work as 1 Ton AC.

The varying cooling capacity of the inverter AC allows it to work with varying voltage range. This range may be written on the AC unit or on the product specifications.

So inverter AC will operate fine when voltage fluctuates in its operating range while normal AC may get damaged

For example, if an inverter AC can run in the voltage range of 150-250 volts and when the supply voltage fluctuates inside this range of 150-250 the AC will work fine but as soon as the voltage fluctuates outside this range the AC may malfunction or stop or get damaged.

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Should you use Voltage Stabilizer for Inverter AC

In the case of non-inverter AC, as it needs a constant voltage of 220-250 volts, you have no option but to use a stabilizer.

But for an Inverter AC, many people will say that if the voltage fluctuation in your area is inside the operating range of the AC then you do not need a stabilizer and if the voltage fluctuation is outside its operating range then you need it.

Nobody can predict whether your area voltage will fluctuate more or less, it may happen that someday the fluctuations are very high and out of your AC operating range.

So protect your AC from damage and use a stabilizer.

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In what cases stabilizer may not be required

In the case of Samsung’s S-UTR compressor and Daikin inverter ACs, a stabilizer is not required.

Check this page to know what Samsung has to say on its S-UTR compressor.

Let’s see the case of Daikin Inverter AC

According to an Engineer working at Daikin, the Daikin inverter AC does not require a stabilizer as there is a built-in stabilizer in PCB. 

The built-in stabilizer cuts off the power in case the voltage goes out of its range.

daikin engineer's answer for need of voltage stabilizer in daikin AC

What about other brands – Voltas, LG, Carrier

It depends on whether or not these brands provide a built-in stabilizer with cut-off protection in their respective air conditioner units.

To check this you will have to contact their customer care number

Some AC units may have even written “Stabilizer free operation”.

This statement surely means that the AC can operate in a wide voltage range.

But it cannot be said whether or not it will have the cut-off feature, overload protection and time delay feature.

For example, see this Statement on LG’s website.

LG statement for stabilizer free operation for its AC

It clearly says stabilizer free operation when the input voltage is (145-290) volts but if power fluctuates beyond this range then a stabilizer is required.


Whether you have normal AC or inverter AC.

Or split AC or window AC

Or it has written “stabilizer free operation”

Or it’s a Daikin AC or AC with S-UTR compressor.

Or the company’s customer care itself assures it does not require a stabilizer

Still, You must always use a stabilizer


Because Air conditioner is an appliance heavy on load or power.

And it contains inflammable refrigerant.

If due to voltage fluctuations or power surge or short circuit or lightning the AC malfunctions 

It may cause fire or even explode.

So for the extra layer of safety use a good voltage stabilizer

5 thoughts on “Is Stabilizer required for Inverter AC or Normal AC”

  1. Good write up. But neither you, nor Daikin engineer you quote mention anything about time delay feature needed in case of power supply disruption. This is a common issue where power supply is switched from mains to DG power or vice versa. Are Daikin ACs (inverter or non inverter type) safe for operation without time delay voltage stabilisers?

    • Not sure about that feature but even if the AC has such feature still always use a voltage stabilizer with AC for extra protection against power fluctuations.

  2. Hi Shivam can you plz tell me which is best good stablizer for my split invert ac
    that voltage operation range is voltage range 146 v to 290.

  3. Hi Shivam, kindly guid whether stabilizer is required to install with inverter based inbuilt stabilizer split AC. If yes, what is logic behind this.

    • If you live in tier-1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore then no because inverter AC can handle voltage fluctuation to some extent. Otherwise you must always use a voltage stabilizer. “Stabilizer Free Operation” tag written on companies aircon is only a marketing gimmick.


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