Split AC vs Window AC

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There are generally two types of ACs present namely window and split AC.

But you may be wondering what is the difference between a split AC and window AC.

In this post, I have pointed out all the differences between them.

Split AC vs Window AC (in short)

A window AC is a complete package having the compressor, evaporator & condenser coil all in the same box. While a split AC is divided into two units, indoor having evaporator, outdoor unit having compressor and condenser coil.

Both are equally efficient in terms of cooling but split AC is expensive, needs frequent servicing, uses advanced technology and has several modes of operation.

FactorsSplit ACWindow AC
Cost of ACHigh30-40% cheaper
Cost of MaintenanceHigherVery Low
Ease of InstallationDifficultVery Easy
Inverter TechnolgyDual & Triple Inverter ACs availableVery few Inverter ACs
Ease of RepairingDifficultEasy
Trubo CoolingPresent in Inverter ACsNot present

Advantages of split AC over Window AC

1. Makes Less Noise

The indoor unit of split AC makes very low noise while the outdoor AC makes some noise

Better quality split ACs even make no noise. It is best to use in a bedroom where you sleep. 

For better, deep sleep uninterrupted by any kind of noise it is best to use. 

Noise is measured in decibels (dB). Noise from a split AC can range from 25-45 dB while noise from a window AC starts from 40 dB.

Window AC not only makes noise from its internal component but it also vibrates a lot making the whole window where it is fixed vibrate with it making high levels of noise.

If you are a person who needs a quiet room to sleep, window AC may not be a good option for you.

2. Uses advanced Inverter Technology

The inverter technology makes the AC compressor work on variable speed and consume variable power.

This technology makes the AC cooling power variable. It can increase and decrease the cooling based on the mode or temperature of the room.

inverter ac advantage

This enables the AC to maintain a fixed set temperature the whole time. When the set temperature is achieved, the AC motor reduces speed unlike a window AC which when achieves the required temp switch off the compressor and when the temperature increases it switches on. This on and off makes noise.

This technology also gives AC turbo mode, the AC can cool the room faster by increasing its compressor motor speed which is only possible in inverter AC.

If an AC runs for a longer period of time constantly (6-12 hrs), inverter technology can save some electricity.

Now there is dual inverter technology and triple inverter technology ACs available in the market which increases the efficiency to the next level saving electricity

3. Can be used in all kind of room

A Window AC can be only used in a room that has some kind of opening big enough to place it like a window, or a grill.

While if there is no kind of opening,  you are only left with split AC.

It can be placed almost in every kind of room with or without opening.

4. Uniform Cooling

The indoor unit of a split AC has a bigger, wider and powerful fan that throws the cool air wider and for longer distances.

This makes the room cool more uniformly.

While a window AC has a smaller area for throwing the air, which makes a room more cooler near it, making the other end less cool leading to unequal cooling. 

5. Better for Big rooms

Split ACs due to its uniform and powerful cooling is better than a window AC for a big room. 

6. Better Looks

Split AC indoor unit looks smaller and better from a window AC which looks like a big box.

It also does not need to be fixed in a window pane or window grill which does not look good. It can be placed anywhere on the wall.

Advantages of Window AC over Split AC

1. It is Cheaper

It costs cheaper not only when you buy it but is also cheaper in the long run as the year passes by.

It is 30-40% cheaper than a split AC.

2. Needs Less Servicing

It does not need frequent servicing like a split AC. Its servicing is easy and does not require technical expertise making the cost of maintenance low.

You can even clean your AC yourself.

3. Lasts Longer

A Window AC has greater durability and life. Due to its compactness – all components are inside one unit making it last as long as 7-8 years.

If some component malfunctions or is damaged, it can be easily repaired in most cases.

4. Installation charge is less and easy to perform

Installation is easy to perform and does not require technical equipment and expertise.

It just needs a window compartment made by a carpenter or a window grill, where it can be fitted.

The fitting part of the AC in the window space can be easily done even by yourself.

This Makes the charges for installation low

Does window AC consume more electricity ?

It can consume more electricity compared to a dual or triple inverter split AC in the same tonnage if you run it for more than 6 hours continuously daily. Still the difference is not that big

Which one should you Buy ? Which one is Best ?

Depends on your budget, your requirements, room size, availability of a window.

Both are almost equal in terms of cooling, so the more important step is to choose the tonnage or cooling capacity first.

AC ton based on the room size

Room Size (square feet)Ton
Size < 1201 ton
Size > 120 & Size < 1801.5 ton
Size > 180 & Size < 2602 ton

The Ton you require also depends on other factors like how many people live in the room, how many other equipment are there, does any wall get direct sunlight or not, the room is on the top floor or on a lower floor.

These factors may increase the tonnage of your AC.

Window AC needs an opening to fit it. If there is no opening then you cannot use a window AC and are only left with split AC. 

If you need a quiet room while sleeping you will have to look for a split AC.

If you have a very large room of 300+ square feet, you would need two 1.5-2 ton ACs.

Final Thoughts

Keeping all these points in your mind choose between a split AC and window AC

I hope you found this post informative. Do share it with your friends.

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