Practical Alternatives to Air Conditioning

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Air conditioner is a great technological marvel of the human race.

However hot and humid the outdoor temperature may be, an AC keeps the indoor room cool.

But its drawback is high power consumption. 

AC is still a luxury for a few.

If you want to cool your room without AC then this post brings you a few AC alternatives.

1. Evaporative Cooler

This is the closest, cheapest and best alternative to an air conditioner for cooling in summers.

evaporative cooling in air cooler
Image Credit: newair

Air cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling that is when air comes in contact with water droplets, due to evaporation the water droplets turn into gas.

This leads to cooling.

The air cooler circulates this cool air in the room.

If you live in a dry or area with good wind speed and airflow then you will never require an AC in summers.

The air cooler will be sufficient.

But if you live in an area where airflow and wind speed is very bad like in the eastern part of Delhi then an air cooler may not be that effective.

Or regions where humidity is very high, the air cooler will still fail.

2. Using Green Shade Net

Green Shade Net is usually used for making terrace gardens where one can grow vegetation on the terrace.

It protects the vegetation from high wind, hail, etc.

This can also be used for reducing the house temperature by reducing direct sunlight on the roof.

application of green net for a house

You will need to erect a frame of some height, this frame will hold the net.

A green net can easily bring down the house temperature by 2-4 °C.

You can also place this net on any side of the house, on the wall.

This will restrict direct sunlight on that wall.

3. Make your body heat less

Imagine how good it would be if we can lower the heat dissipation from our own body.

Then we will not require any kind of cooling.

But is it possible? Do we have control over this?

We are not superhumans but we can lower the heat dissipation from our body slightly by eating raw, organic, easy-digestible food low from spices.

Avoid spicy and fried items in the summer.

Eat vegetables and raw food more.

Such kind of food is easy to digest and assimilate, making the body’s effort lower thus generating lesser heat.

And drink citric juices like lime juice, lemon water, mosambi juice, etc twice daily.

These really help in lowering down the body heat.

Give it a try.

Such drinks are really helpful if used twice daily.

I have tried it personally.

4. Use Fan with higher Airflow

Your body has an automatic mechanism to maintain the ideal temperature.

In the summers, you perspire and sweat more.

This sweat gives you cooling when air flows through it.

A ceiling fan can provide airflow necessary for the evaporation of sweat on your body.

You can use a high-speed fan to increase the room airflow.

Look for a fan with a higher RPM around 400 and with greater airflow.

If purchasing offline, ask the shop owner to give a high-speed fan.

If your room is around 100 square feet then don’t buy the normal fan with 1200mm sweep/blade length.

Look for 1400mm fan sweep length.

Keeping the window and doors open is also crucial for air circulation with the outdoor environment.

5. Shifting to a Cold Place

If you are living in a hot & humid region but are not willing to use an air conditioner.

Then why not shift to cold regions like hill stations, mountainous regions, etc.

In these regions, you will never require any kind of cooling device, even a ceiling fan.

There is natural air conditioning from mother nature.

Final Thoughts

Most of the alternatives pointed above are applicable only to dry areas with low humidity.

If your area has high humidity and low wind speed then only air conditioners can help you.

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