How often to service your home AC

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There are two aspects of servicing an AC by a professional technician.

First is its cleaning and second is checking whether it is working properly or not.

Many people clean their AC by themselves and so you can too but only a technician can check for the optimal working of it.

This includes checking for proper cooling, working of the compressor, proper wiring, etc.

Therefore you should get your AC serviced by a professional in a while.

Does your AC require service every year?

If you use your AC every year and want optimal cooling without any troubles then you must get your AC serviced at least once a year. The beginning of the summer season is the right time to get AC serviced.

Servicing just at the start of summers will ensure optimal performance and cooling so that you can chill for the rest of the season.

An AC service can include

  • Checking of the compressor
  • Checking of blower
  • Checking the fan motor
  • Checking the drainage tray
  • Checking the coils
  • Checking for cooling
  • Checking of wirings

How often to service?

For the most part air conditioner requires cleaning. You can do that too at home without any sophisticated tool. You just need a toothbrush, jar, and a pipe.

Read this guide on cleaning split AC at home.

If you live in a very polluted area, near coastal regions, or near drainage then we recommend getting your AC cleaned twice a year in 3 months gap.


Because the appliance is prone to dirt, humidity, and toxic checmicals respectively.

What if I do not get AC serviced for a long time?

Dirt will start to accumulate inside the AC unit which can clog filters, corrode coiling with time, increase power consumption and so electricity bills, and can further reduce the appliance lifespan.

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