What is Timer ON and OFF in AC | How to use it

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One can find many buttons on an AC remote few of which are mode, fan, sleep, turbo, and set button, etc.

Among these buttons one is the timer button and this post is solely on this topic only.

What is timer?

Timer is a function in air conditioners which can be used to switch ON or OFF the AC automatically.

This function first needs to be set before it can work.

Timer is of two type – Timer ON and Timer OFF.

Timer ON is used to switch on the AC after a set time period.

Timer OFF is used to switch off the AC after a set timer period.

How timer works?

First a user manually sets the timer through his remote. He needs to enter the time period after which the timer will ON/OFF the AC.

Let’s say you set timer OFF on your AC and entered 2 hours time.

After 2 hours the AC will switch OFF automatically.

Timer can save electricity

Timer function can save electricity by switching OFF the AC after the set time perood in the night.

In night time many householders run AC for few hours until the family has gone to sleep.

It is unbearable to go to sleep in summers.

Once the family has gone to sleep, one of the family member observing that his family has gone to sleep switches off the AC.

This is done to save power and electricity.

But here one family member has to compromise his sleep to wake up and switch OFF the AC manually in the middle of the night.

By using the Timer OFF function, one can achieve the same and save electricity without compromising his sleep.

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Timer is different from sleep mode

In sleep mode the thermostat temperature rises with time gradually but the AC keeps on running while with “timer OFF” the AC switches off after a set period of time.

Both the functions save electricity.

Use according to your needs.

How to set timer

The procedure to set timer will vary from model to model. Its best to see the user manual of your AC unit for setting the timer.

Here I will share a way to set the “timer” in voltas window AC.

  1. Tap on “TIMER OFF” button using the remote.
  2. Use the plus-minus or up-down button to increase or decrease the time.
  3. Tap on SET button.

The timer will be set by now and the AC will switch OFF after the set time period.

Will the set timer work if power goes off

This is a common question users asks and the answer depends on the model of AC.

Newer models or the smart ACs are capable to save the setting of the AC before power goes OFF. These ACs can also keep the track of time irrespective to power outages.

While older ACs cannot keep track of time. They do not have such capabilities and so the timer you set on such AC will be vanish with power outage.

How to reset timer

There would be times when you want to reset the timer because it is not required or it is causing unexpected results or you want to just get rid of it.

Resetting the timer will vary but you can try the below methods.

First you need to check whether your AC is set to a timer or not. This will be displayed on the AC display.

Method 1
Tap on Timer OFF/ON button till the AC display stops displaying timer.

Method 2

  • Tap on Timer Button and set the time to zero
  • Repeat the same for Timer ON, Timer OFF, sleep.

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