Which is better electric Fan or Air Cooler

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Both Air Cooler and Fan provide air circulation and cooling in the room.
Air cooler is better at cooling and can always work as a standing fan when the water pump is off but it takes more space and is costlier by 2-3 times.

Both an electric fan and an air cooler provide cooling.

But there is a difference in the cooling mechanism of both.

Choosing one device depends on a user’s requirements.

How an air cooler cools the room?

evaporative cooling in air cooler
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Air Cooler works on the mechanism of evaporative cooling.

There is a fan or blower attached inside the cooler along with padding along the sides which holds water. 

Fan circulates the air inside the room.

When the air passes by the padding it takes with it moisture which evaporates to provide cooling in the room.

How a fan cools your body?

A fan is just a simple fan that circulates air inside the room.

It also works on the principle of evaporation but here the evaporation takes place on the surface of your skin.

Through sweating your skin gets covered by water droplets which evaporate when air passes by.

And thus you get the feeling of a cool breeze.

Tower Fan vs Air Cooler

There are many types of fans

  • Pedestal Fan
  • Table Fan
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Exhaust Fan

Pedestal, Table, and a Tower fan are standing fans that can be moved easily and made to stand in small spaces.

A tower fan is also a type of fan designed keeping in mind compactness, portability, usability.

The tower fan is small and slim in size and can easily be used anywhere despite the space constraints.

Unlike a pedestal fan, it uses a blower instead of a fan. A blower unlike a fan is not good at circulating room air but it can provide concentrated airflow in a spot.

You should know that there is also a type of cooler called tower cooler which is similar in design to a tower fan.

The only difference between both is one uses water for evaporative cooling and the other does not use water.

Tower Cooler also costs more. A tower cooler is almost 2-3 times costlier than a tower fan.

Benefits of a tower fan

  • Highly Portable
  • Can be used anywhere in the kitchen or room
  • Uses very little space
  • Good for single person use

If you compare a tower fan to a general room cooler, then the room cooler takes more space and it is not very portable.

Should you buy a tower fan or cooler?

It depends on your requirement and the weather in your area.

If your area is too hot and dry then the fan will not provide much comfort whereas a cooler can cool the entire room with much comfort.

Or If your area is too humid then both the air cooler and fan will not work. Only an air conditioner can save you here.

When choosing between a tower fan and a tower cooler you should know that the tower cooler will work as a tower fan when the water pump is off however it will also cost more.

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