8 Disadvantages of using Air Cooler | Will it cause Asthma?

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Air cooler is an electrical device, also called a swamp cooler which is used in summers to provide us cooling.

It works on the principle of evaporation.

Unlike a normal fan that throws air at us, cooler uses cool or normal water mixed with air.

This air with water droplets provides us cooling through evaporation. 

If you remember, in school you may have studied this process of evaporation.

It is the same process that provides your body cooling when you perspire or sweat under the fan. 

The water droplets when changes state from liquid to gas it absorbs heat making the surface cooler.

So the air thrown out of the high-speed cooler fan contains water droplets, these droplets change state from liquid to gas making the air cooler. 

Water Cooler circulates the room air making it cooler but also increases the humidity.

Lets see the various disadvantages of using a air cooler in our homes.

Fails to work in Humid Conditions

Now you know that cooler work on the principle of evaporation where water droplets turn to gas.

In a humid environment, the air already contains too much water droplets in gas form, making the evaporation process slower or negligible.

Evaporation is the heart of Cooler

With slow or no evaporation, cooler fails to work at its best and works as a mere fan.

If you live near coastal plains or states where rains are heavy then having a water cooler is futile and a waste of money.

But it is a good option as a powerful fan 🙂

The only option left with you in humid regions is an air conditioner. I have listed below few ACs which I recommend. You can check them at Amazon.

High Fan speed not comfortable

Coolers come in different sizes from small to big.

Whatever the size may be, the fan speed is high and it is necessary to make the process of evaporation faster.

A cooler may save you from the scorching heat but it does provide you the best comfort levels.

The high-speed fan may make few people uneasy and many times working in front of a high-speed cooler fan is miserable.

Imagine you or your child studying for the exams on a table with loads of paper or notes. And the strong wind from the cooler blows away the notes and paper.

This is not reliable

Fails to work in Poor Ventilation

As time passes by, through the process of evaporation the humidity levels rise in the room.

And If the room is closed or the ventilation is poor or to say the air circulation between the room and outside environment is poor.

The air’s humidity will reach peak levels after which the water droplets will find it difficult to change into gas or the process of evaporation will decline.

With the failure of evaporation, the cooler will also start to fail then only Air Conditioner can save you.

You can also use an exhaust fan to reduce humidity, remeber to buy high RPM exhaust fan.

Daily change of water

The cooler needs a daily change of water. 

If not done regularly, the water can develop bacteria, algae, slime, etc.

If this water that is infected with bacteria is not changed with time, it can make you fall ill.

Also when the temperature is soaring high. 

We prefer using cold and chilled water. In this case, cold water will eventually become hot and we will need to change this water again with chilled water the next day.

Changing this water daily is a hectic task. Depending on the size of the cooler we need to change the water in amounts of gallons. 

Save yourself from the daily pressure.

Malaria carrying Mosquitoes can spread

We live in a country where every year around 15 Million people are infected with malaria.

Malaria is an infection caused by the bytes of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

It is observed that these mosquitoes breed in stagnant water

The water tank inside the cooler is a very good breeding ground for these mosquitoes.

Not only do these coolers help the mosquitoes grow in large numbers but also it puts the citizens and you at risk of catching the infection.

To counter this you should daily change the water inside the water cooler.

Not as powerful as Air conditioner

Surely a water cooler provides us cooling but they are not as powerful as air conditioners.

If you want faster cooling you have only 1 option to go with – AC.

Newer AC with inverter technology has a turbo mode which allows them to cool the room faster.

Coolers can make you feel good with a little cooling but when it comes to an AC it can make you feel chilled like in a hilly area.


The High-speed fans used in coolers which is necessary for faster and successful evaporation makes too much of a noise.

During night time people with sensitive sleep can wake up to its noise which is not good. 

A Good Night’s Sleep is required for Good Health.

In the case of some coolers, the noise can be reduced by placing it outside the window. Usually a desert cooler is placed just outside the door or outside near window.

Not suitable for Patients with Asthma

Good Air quality is very crucial for people suffering from asthma.

It is a condition in which a person’s air passage becomes inflamed making them difficult to breathe.

Will air coolers cause asthma?

It is a myth that water coolers cause asthma. But yes it can worsen the symptoms of asthma. Patients suffering from asthma need air with optimal humidity. The air should be neither dry nor humid.

Air coolers make air high in humidity and this is the reason which triggers asthma. So it not good for them

Air conditioners that can maintain the air humidity levels is a good option.

Wrapping Up

These were all the disadvantages an air cooler has.

If you want to know more about air cooler and air conditioners then read our article on Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner. If you are still not convinced and would prefer an air cooler over an air conditioner.

Then I have listed a few below

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