Air Cooler Buying Guide: How to select the right air cooler

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Wondering how to select the best air cooler this year for yourself or your family

Finding the right cooler has never been easier with our cooler buying guide.

You should know at least about these things before choosing the right device

  • Types of Cooler
  • Types of Fan
  • Types of Padding

Let’s start with types of air cooler suitable for your room.

Types of Air Cooler

There are three types of cooler

  • Personal
  • Desert
  • Tower

All these are designed to cater different needs

Room Size100-150 sq. ft150-500 sq. ft
Water Capacity10-40 ltr40-100 ltr
Humidity LevelLow-ModerateLow
Favourable ForSpot CoolingRoom, Outdoor

Personal and tower cooler are similar, they just differ in design. Tower cooler is very thin and takes very low space.

On the other hand desert cooler is slightly bigger in size and features high air circualtion. It is best for dry regions.

Below you can find the pricing for each type of cooler.

Types of Fan used in Cooler

There are two types of fan used inside a cooler

  • Normal Fan
  • Blower

Both differ in airflow mechanism, noise level, pressure used

Used in CoolerDesertPersonal/Tower
Air CirculationEntire AreaConcentrated
Noise LevelLowModerate-High

Check more about blower and fan difference

Types of Padding used in Cooler

There are two types of padding used inside a cooler

  • Wood Wool
  • Honeycomb

A cooling pad’s only job is to retain water and provide surface area for evaporation

FactorsWood Wool Honeycomb
Water RetentionLow-ModerateHigh
Cooling EfficiencyModerateHigh

If you want in depth information about these then click here.

Other Features to look in a cooler

Ice Chamber – This is a small space provided for placing ice cubes. Ice cubes can help in producing cooler air

Fan Speed settings – There must be speed settings provided in a cooler. Mostly we can see three speed settings inside a cooler – low, medium, high

Water level indicator – It should show how much water is left in the water tank

Empty tank indicator – It should indicate when the water tank gets empty

Castor Wheels – For better mobility it should have wheels

Warranty – It must have at least 1 year of warranty

Air Cooler Capacity Calculation

You can choose an air cooler based on the airflow or air displacement it can produce.

The CFM denotes the amount of air cycled into your room each minute.

CFM – Air displacement in Cubic Feet per minute


CFM = ( room area in square feet x ceiling height in feet ) / 0.84

Suppose, if you have 100 square feet room, ceiling height of 10 feet


CFM = ( 100 x 10 ) / 0.84

CFM = 1190.4

You will need a cooler with CFM value greater than 1190 

CFM value is written on the product description like this.

cfm value on cooler specification

Why should you buy cooler of a brand

When looking for a cooler

You have two options either buy a locally made cooler nearby or buy a branded cooler

Local coolers are cheaper

Let me tell you about an incident.

Once I bought a local cooler from my area and later found that it does not have fan speed settings. 

Well, you would say that it’s my fault, I should have inspected the cooler before buying.


Speed settings are an obvious feature in a cooler so I did not inspect it.

If I had bought a cooler from a known brand that it is obvious it will have fan settings.

You will also get a warranty on the branded one whereas there is no warranty on the local one.

Frequently Asked Question

Which cooler is best for a closed room ?

You can use any cooler in a closed room, but do note it works best when cross ventilation is provided. By closing the door, you are reducing the ventilation. The humidity will eventually increase inside the room and the cooler will start to fail in terms of cooling

Why does desert cooler cool better on a hot dry day ?

Be it any cooler, it works on the process of evaporation for cooling. On a hot dry day, the humidity level is low making the evaporation process more efficient and thus cooling more efficiently

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