Blower vs Fan in Air Coolers | Which is better

While buying the best air cooler for yourself

You may have come across a cooler with a fan or blower.

But what is the difference between then?

Let’s see in this post

Fans can create airflow in large volumes at low-pressure ideal for circulating air through an entire room while blowers can create airflow in high volumes at high-pressure ideal for circulating air at a specific location in a more concentrated manner.

Both Fan and blower are used for circulating and throwing air but still, they are different.

The key difference lies in the way air is circulated through them

How does air blower work ?

An air blower is a mechanical device that consists of a rotor, an impeller, and a casing with space for air input and output.

blower diagram
Image Credit: Atomberg

The impeller is like a fan or blades inside the casing. It is attached to a rotor

The impeller or fan inside the casing rotates sucking the air inside brought from the sides or top of the blower.

This air inside accelerates up with the fan and comes out from the blower at a high speed. 

For simplicity think of an air blower like a fan with twisted blades that is inside a case with air input and output

Fan Draw Air From Behind

Fan is just a simple device that rotates to throw air forward.

By pushing the air away from its position, it creates a pressure difference.

This pressure difference sucks the surrounding air to refill the empty space. This air mostly comes from the behind of the fan

And so the entire air surrounding the fan circulates continuously.

Huge volumes of air is circulated in the case of a fan

Fan vs Blower in Cooler (Comparison)

Used In CoolerPersonal/RoomDesert
Pressure Ratio<1.11.1-1.2
Air FlowEntire AreaSpecific Area
Ideal ForSmall RoomBig Room

Which cooler is the best blower or fan?

It depends on your requirements.

A Fan can circulate air inside the entire room while a blower throws air at high pressure concentrated at a specific location.

If you are living in a small room then going for a cooler with a blower will be better. 

Personal/Room coolers are designed to be used for a smaller room and they mostly use a blower

While desert coolers are designed to be used for bigger rooms and they mostly use a fan inside them.

In terms of power efficiency, you will have to look at the power consumption on the specifications of the cooler.

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