Types of Air Cooler | Desert vs Room Cooler

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There are many types of air cooler present in the market.

But can you name a few

Do you know every type of cooler precisely

If No, then how will you choose the best air cooler for your requirements.

First, know each type of cooler correctly

There are three types of cooler – Room, Desert, Tower. Room cooler is best for smaller rooms, Desert cooler is best for big rooms and tower cooler is a highly portable and slimmer version of the room cooler, it takes very less area and is best for single person use.

Types of Air Cooler

There are mainly two types of air cooler available in the market with tower cooler being the variation of the room cooler.

All these types of cooler work on the same principle of evaporation for cooling.

Also, every cooler will fail when the evaporation process is not effective which is in the case of high humidity.

Room Coolers

This is also called a personal cooler.

Room coolers as the name suggests is meant for using it inside a room – bedroom, office, etc.

These are mainly small in size but few of them can go bigger also

It is meant for providing cooling to a small-medium room

Room coolers water capacity varies from 15-40 litres.

For circulating the room air it generally uses a blower which is a little high on noise levels.

They are portable in nature and come with wheels attached to it for easy mobility.

Desert Cooler

A Desert cooler is a cooler that is bigger in size and water tank capacity, and is used for bigger rooms or in outdoor.

As the name “Desert” suggests, it is meant to be used in a desert-like area or to say low humidity area.

It works best in dry regions.

No need for an air conditioner if you live in an area with low humidity because desert coolers work exceptionally well in this case.

These are meant to be placed outside the room beside the window or door but can also be used inside.

When placed outside it works better due to better ventilation

Its water tank capacity varies from 40-80 litres.

Generally, we can see normal fans used inside a desert cooler. Normal fans are different than blowers. These produce high volumes of air and make low noise. 

These also come with a caster wheel for better mobility.

Tower Cooler

Tower Cooler is a variation of a normal room cooler 

These are slimmer versions of room coolers and consume very little space inside your home making them highly portable.

Its design has come from the tower fan which is a slim tower-like device with a fan

Tower Cooler is best for single person use. It is not meant for cooling the entire room

Best for people living in small rented spaces or bachelors.

Its water capacity ranges from 10-40 litres.

This is the most portable cooler and comes with castor wheels.

It does not make your home decor look bad due to its small and sleek design.

Personal vs Desert Cooler (Comparison)

FactorsPersonal CoolerDesert Cooler
Room100-150 sq. ft150-500 sq. ft
Type of Fan Used BlowerFan
Noise LevelsHigherLower
Water Capacity15-40 ltr40-100 ltr
Cooler Price₹4,000+₹8,000+

Which is better desert or room cooler?

It depends on your requirements

The first condition for buying any type of cooler is low to moderate outdoor humidity and availability of cross-ventilation

If humidity is high or cross-ventilation is not provided then any type of cooler will not cool you or your room.

If your room is bigger in size like greater than 150 square feet then going for a desert cooler will be a good option.

Less than that a room cooler will be fine

If you want a cooler for a banquet hall, big office, stadium then a desert cooler will be your best bet

If you are low on space, then tower cooler is good for single person use

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