Is there any air cooler with humidity control available in India

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India is a high in humidity region and if you live in metro cities like delhi, mumbai, chennai, bangalore then you know how the weather is in summers.

Congestion in tier-1 cities increases the humidity level.

Recently one of my friends asked to check for air coolers which can control humidity, simply any cooler which can lower the humidity level.

I started my research and to my luck found some coolers which claim to have humidity control feature in them. 

example description

One of the coolers from Crompton had written the above on its specifications. You check this cooler yourself here.

I checked this cooler in a showroom in my area and tried to get more info on this feature. 

What is humidity control in coolers

Humidity control feature in air coolers is nothing special. It only gives control over increasing or decreasing the power of water pump.

In simple terms, it will increase or decrease the rate of water usage by coolers.

This means if you set the control at low setting then less water or no water will be used and when high setting is used then higher water will be used in the cooler.

Will humidity control lower the room humidity?

On low setting cooler will increase the room humidity slowly and on high setting cooler will increase the room humidity faster.

This means on both settings the cooler will produce humidity no matter what.

Many people think “humidity control” feature in coolers will completely eradicate or control the humidity problem.

This is not possible and will never be possible with air coolers as it works on the principle of evaporative cooling where cooling is done with the help of evaporation.

Evaporative cooling increases room humidity no matter what.

To counter this you need to provide proper ventilation. All windows, doors must be wide open. Use of a powerful exhaust fan is a must.

A cooler may be the best option in a dry region but not in a humid region. Only an air conditioner can save you in high humidity. 

My cooler produces humidity how can I control this?

People say my cooler makes the room too humid, how to lower it.

I say to them coolers will increase humidity no matter what.

If you don’t want humidity, turn OFF the water pump but then the cooler will work like a FAN.

But this is not feasible.

So I say use a powerful, I repeat a powerful exhaust fan with high RPM speed and big blades. Ordinary exhaust fans will not suffice.

The bigger the exhaust fan, the better.

Higher the RPM speed, the better.

Such an exhaust fan will counter the increase in humidity from an air cooler.

I have found two powerful exhaust fans

Do check them, remember to check the compatibility of the exhaust fan with your door dimensions before buying.

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