Is Air Conditioner water safe for animals

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The water which comes out from our air conditioner outlet is condensate water which should be free from any impurities because it has come from the atmosphere and through the process of condensation but AC unit has dirt and bacteria inside which can mix with this condensate water so the water may not be safe for your animal for drinking.

Buy you can make it somewhat safe by boiling it, but still only use it when you do not have a proper and reliable source of water for drinking.

Is ac water safe for birds?

Birds can drink water from pond, and many other sources from which we humans cannot drink directly than why not AC condensate water after all it is nearly distilled water but the problem here is your AC unit if it is old then hazardous metals can seep into the condensate water and if your AC unit is dirty the water coming out will contain pathogens and bacteria.

Is ac water safe for cats?

While AC water may be a suitable source of hydration for cats in some circumstances, it is generally recommended to provide cats with a variety of sources of water, including purified or mineral water, to ensure that they are getting the nutrients and minerals that they need. It is important to consider the specific needs of the cat and their environment when choosing a source of water.

Is ac water safe for fish?

If I ask you where is the original habitat of fish you would answer river or ocean. What type of water is there in river or ocean. Well its salty, contatins minerals and bacteria. So we see fish live in such type of water than why not live in ac condensate water.

AC condensate water is typically condensation water but mixed with dirt and bacteria. Surely this water is atleast better than river or ocean water. So yes you can use ac water for your fish tray and if want to be on the safer side boil the water to eliminate bacteria from it.

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