Is AC water good for Plants

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The water which comes out of your air conditioner is very close to that of distilled water.

Distilled water has a TDS value near zero and in our tests we found AC condensate water TDS value varying from 40-80. This value increases with pollution in the environment and condition of the AC.

If the AC is clean and serviced regularly the TDS will be low else higher.

When it comes to watering “outdoor plants” then there is no problem with using AC condensate water however when watering “indoor plants” in small pots & containers then use AC water occasionally or mix it with normal tap water.

Things to consider when watering plants

1. Water used for watering should be neutral.

The water used for watering should not be acidic. It should be neutral on the pH scale.

The AC water can be slightly acidic if one lives in a polluted area like in industrial areas or near nala.

The AC water is the result of condensation from the atmospheric water vapour. The water too can contain components like chemicals from the air if present.

Acidic water is not good for plants.

Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides produced in industrial areas can make the water acidic.

As the condensate water is low on TDS it can absorb co2 overtime to become acidic.

2. Soil act as filter

Be it any type of water – rainwater, tap water, distilled water, or ac water the soil can filter the contaminants harmful for the plants.

The AC water is low on minerals but can absorb minerals from the soil when poured in it.

But all this is only true when soil is present in high quantities like in an outdoor environment.

The problem with indoor plants is we use small pots and containers. Such a low amount of soil cannot filter contaminants and if the ac water contains unwanted chemicals.

The contaminants will increase in the pots overtime. 

3. Rainwater & spring water is best for watering

Natural sources of water like rainwater and spring water are best for vegetation and plants.

Tap water is also fine for plants.

The problem with AC condensate water is low mineral quantity.

4. AC water is cold

Water used for watering should be at room temperature. Hot and cold water is not good for plants.

AC water when it comes out from the drain pipe is cold.

So collect the condensate water in a bucket and make its temperature come to room temperature first before pouring it into plants.

Practical Use

While researching the use of AC water for plants we found mixed results. 

Many claim that their plants started to grow at a faster pace while others claimed their plants started to wither with AC water use.


One user claimed that he has been watering plants from a long time and did not see any bad results.


Another claimed that his plants died off after continuous use of AC condensate water.

We suggest you give it a try for a week to check the results for yourself. Do share your experience here. It may help other plant lovers too.


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