Best Position to install air conditioner in Bedroom

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This post answers queries like

  • Best position for installing split ac in bedroom or living room
  • Tips to follow for installing wall mounted AC

Should AC be placed high or low

Before going any further you should know that for AC to cool a room equally its air should distribute equally in the room.

Fact: Hot air rises up and cool air sets down.

That is why the air conditioner should be placed high on the wall rather than placing it low.

This way the room will get cooler fast.

Also room’s central location is the best position for circulating cool air in it most efficiently.

However this is not possible with a split AC as it cannot be installed on the ceiling rather it is installed on a side wall.

Keeping this basic concept of airflow in mind you should choose the appropriate position for your split AC.

Tips to keep in mind before installing indoor AC

1. For Rectangular Room

If your room is rectangular in shape or to say one wall is longer than the other wall.

Then installing the air conditioner on the longer wall would be better because here the airflow will distribute better in the room.

If the AC is installed on the shorter wall, one side of the room will be cooler and the other side will get less cool.

2. Leave some space from the ceiling

We know that AC should be wall mounted on the wall higher but not too high such that it touches the ceiling.

Leave at least 15 cm space above the split AC

The split AC sucks room air from the top side before it can further cool and send it back to the room. If there is no space above the AC it will have a hard time to work.

Servicing and cleaning will also become troublesome as the air filters are removed from the top side only.

At the time of servicing the technician will have to dismount the split ac before it can be checked properly.

In a 10 feet room, fixing the split AC at 7-8 feet would be an ideal position.

3. Should not be installed above Almirah or Wardrobe

The indoor unit should not be placed above a wardrobe as it will restrict AC’s airflow which will further lead to poor cooling of the room, less efficiency for the AC and high power consumption.

There should be no interruption in the airflow of AC.

It’s best to place the indoor unit on a wall such that there is nothing beneath it.

4. Should not be installed above a Door

Door is the opening where cold air rushes outside and we often open the door to get inside or outside.

We have other chores to do like eating, bathing, grocery, etc and that is why the door will be opened many times.

If you place the split AC just above the door, the cool air will rush outside. 

Your room may never get cool, the AC’s compressor may have to run forever increasing the power consumption and electricity bill.

So never install AC above the door.

5. Should not be installed above electronic devices

Your air conditioner can sometimes release water or leak water from its cabinet. This can affect anything beneath it.

That is why it should not be placed above the TV or work station or any electronic device which is fixed or has a defined space for it.

Servicing the AC by a technician also becomes troublesome if the TV is placed below the AC.

Best position for Split AC

In Bedroom

Bedroom is a common place for having an aircon and people often ask for the best location to wall mount their split AC.

We have to install the AC so that its cooling efficiency can be maximized.

If you are a single person, then having the split AC close to your bed would be good. 

One can place the AC just above his bed but this is not recommended as AC can release water sometimes, this water will disturb your sleep.

So the adjacent wall would be the right wall.

Install your AC on that wall which is adjacent to the wall of your bed and keep the distance of AC from your bed short.

Recommended ACs (if you are looking to buy a new AC anytime soon)

If multiple people live in your bedroom, then install the split AC in the center of that wall which is perpendicular to your sleeping position.

Further simplified if your sleep positioning is North-South, i.e you head faces North and your legs faces South then having the AC on the North or South wall would be better rather than having the AC on the west or east wall. 

This would enable the AC to provide equal cooling to each person in the room.

Otherwise one person will feel chilled while another person will feel hot at night.

In Living Room

“Living room is where we sit, relax and watch television”

I think the best position to wall mount a split ac in the living room would be just above the sofa or sitting space. 

It should be close to the sofa because after all the person sitting in the living room needs cooling not your TV or fridge.

In many homes the living room is often connected to the kitchen. If that is the case with you then ensure to keep a good distance between the AC and the cooking stove.

Cooking meals releases a lot of fumes, grease and smoke. This can clog the aircon’s filter.

Wall mounting the split AC just above the TV is a big No as your AC can drop water droplets on the TV finally damaging it.

Many people use their living room as a bedroom. So in this case the added advice would be again to not place the AC just above the bed.

Once you have choosen the right position to place your indoor unit we recommend you to also check the best position to place the outdoor unit. Ideally there are two options for the outdoor unit – roof or balcony. If you read the given article you will find both options discussed.

Best position for window AC in bed room

With window AC you are limited with the window options available in your room.

If there is 1 window you have to fix the window AC in that window only.

If there is no window you cannot fix window AC.

But if your bedroom has a lot of windows in it then fix your AC in that window which allows better air circulation in the room. 

Neither too high nor too low.

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