Will Rain damage my Window Air Conditioner

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This post covers the effect of rain on air conditioning systems. This is applicable for both central and window ACs.

Can Rain damage your air conditioner

Rainwater on itself cannot damage your air conditioner. ACs are designed keeping in mind all-weather conditioners and so it is safe to run them during rain. 

When raining, the outdoor environment is cooler making the heat exchange and working of condenser easier. Thus facilitating better cooling of the room.

But also there are few cases when your AC can get affected during a rain.

When to worry

1. Flooding

During heavy rains, flooding can occur leading to standing water which can cause damage to your AC.

If your central AC outdoor unit is partially or completely submerged in water(caused by heavy rain), it can get damaged.

Make sure to keep your AC powered OFF in such a situation.

For window AC it is difficult to get submerged in water as it is positioned higher from the ground.

2. Acid Rain

Acid rain is common in polluted cities. It refers to the rainwater which brings with it acidic components like sulfuric or nitric acid.

Such a type of rain can corrode the condenser coil gradually with time.

You need not worry about this if you live in a clean city free from pollution.

One solution of this is pouring tap water on the condenser after rain. You can use a pipe for this.

The tap water will wash the acid coating from the coil which will then ultimately get removed from the drain hole.

3. Water Accumulation Inside

If rainwater or any water gets accumulated inside the window AC it can lead to the formation of mold and mildew which can lead to corrosion of the coil over time ultimately leading to gas leakage.

AC is designed such that water does not get accumulated inside the crucial parts which can lead to failure of the system. 

Window AC has a drainage hole to remove the extra water which may get accumulated inside either by extracting humidity from the room or by raining.

So make sure to keep this drainage hole always open and clean from debris which can restrict water flow.

In OFF season

In the off-season when you do not run your AC, it is recommended to cover it with an AC cover

It will protect your AC from the accumulation of dust.

Window AC making a rattling sound after rain?

If your AC started to make a rattling sound or it stopped working just after rain it indicates water is accumulated inside any crucial part, or the electronic circuitry is damaged.

Switch OFF your appliance and call for professional help.

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