Power and Electricity Consumption Calculator for AC

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In summers, an air conditioner is the biggest culprit responsible for high electricity bills. That is why we often want to know how much power and electricity it consumes. For solving this problem we have made our own calculator using which one can find how much power his own AC use. This calculator was made with respect to the Indian way of giving power labels to appliances. Particularly ISEER rating is used here but one can also use EER or SEER rating.

Terms used here

ISEER: Indian standard of efficiency rating. In simple terms, amount of heat removed to the total amount of energy consumed by the air conditioner.

Cooling Capacity: Tonnage of AC or its power to cool a room.

Watts: Rate at which electricity is consumed or produced by a device.

Hours used daily: The average hours you run your AC on a daily basis.

Cost Per Unit: The cost of 1 unit of electricty or the electricty tarif in your city.


  • Air conditioner runs on 24-26 degree celcius.

If you run your AC on a lower setting from the above like let’s say 18 degree celcius than your electrcity bill will be higher by 25-35% from the value given by calcualtor.

How to use the Calculator

  1. Check the Energy Label or Power Saving Guide label of your air conditoner
  2. Get the ISEER rating, cooling capacity(100%) from the label.
  3. Enter all the values in the calculator starting from top to bottom.
  4. The result is displayed in the last two fields or rows.

For reference purpose, I have calculated monthly electricity consumption for few ACs below

LG 1 Ton Split ACVoltas 1 Ton Window ACDaikin 1 Ton Split AC
ISEER 4.703.313.7
Cooling Capacity347035203500
Daily Use101010
Electricity Tarif888

Formula Used here

Power = ( Cooling Capacity / ISEER Rating ) * 0.75

Why 0.75 is multiplied ?

Compressor does not run at max power always. In case of normal AC the compressor runs only for 75% of time while in a inverter AC compressor runs at 75% of max power.

This assumption is only true when AC works in a room whose set room temperature is achieved and after that, the AC only maintains the room temperature

Other wise the power consumption and eletricity bill will be higher. Just remove the factor of 0.75 from power calculation.

We have written an entire guide on how to calculate power consumption of any AC. You can check it to get more insights.

Also if high electricity bills are bothering you then buy the best low power AC next time with inverter technology in it so that electricity consumption is lesser.

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