How to protect Air Conditioner from theft

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If you use a window AC and live on the ground floor chances are your window AC can get stolen.

With other types of AC like the split ac or the central AC the if the outdoor unit is placed on the ground or near it. Your ourdoot unit too can get stolen.

To prevent all this fuss I have compiled few ways using which one can make his air conditioner burglar proof.

Use Protective Cage

For Outdoor unit of AC

protective cage for outdoor unit

For a thief picking the outdoor unit of your AC is a easy task.

You will not find what happened until you run the Ac next time.

A protective cage made of metal can be used to fix the outdoor unit on its place.

This will make it difficult for the burglars to steal it.

Protective cages are expensive but not expensive as your AC.

So think twice.

For Window AC

protective cage for window ac

For people living on the ground floor. The window AC is too fixed on the ground floor.

A thief can pull out the window AC along with its cabinet from the window.

This is not good as this will also open the space for burglars to enter your home causing bigger mischief.

You can use a portective cage with a window AC too.

It will prevent your window AC frm getting stolen.

Fix the window AC with nails

The procedure for stealing a window AC is by pulling the unit out from its window.

You can revent this by fixing the window AC in the window frame.

There are holes in cabinet where the window AC is placed. It have holes in it.

You can make your window AC burglar proof by fixing nails into these holes.

That way a thief will find hard time pulling the ac out from the window.

Use Window Lock

This is the easiest solution for fixing the window AC in its frame so that it becomes unpullable.

It can be used on the top or on the bottom of the AC frame.

Use Security Cameras

You can install security cameras infront of your house.

A thief will think twice before attempting a burglary when he sees cameras installed around because if he do so his face will be recorded in the camera.

There are other benefits of using security cameras too.

Get a window alarm

We know there are safety alarms which can be fixed in a car, bike, and for the entire house for safery puposes.

One can fix a safety alarm to his window frame too.

Once fixed it will make noise and alarm you when someone tries to remove the window AC. The thief attempting burglary will run away from the noise of alarm.

He will run at his max speed unless he wants to get caught by the police.

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