How to Hide or Decorate split AC piping

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Split AC is a very popular type of aircon used in home and residential places.

It’s indoor unit is mounted on a wall and its outdoor unit is connected to it via copper piping.

This piping looks ugly and bad on the wall and reduces the value of our home decor.

Use PVC Pipe

One can hide the ugly copper piping using a pvc pipe. See the photo below.

hidden ac pipe woth pvc pipe

To make this look more appealing you can even paint the pvc piping with the wall’s color.

To color the pipe you can use a spray paint of different colors.

It is the best way to hide and cover the piping.

This can also be used to cover the copper piping on the outdoor unit.

Go to an electrical shop and ask for a PVC wiring duct. I think 2.5 x 2.5 inch diameter would be okay.

Similar products sell online for hiding the line.

This may fail to hide your drain pipe if you are collecting the drain water in the room itself.

Make Ugly Piping Look Decorative

The main problem with an AC’s piping is it looks ugly.

One can come up with various decorative ideas to conceal the ugliness of the piping.

You can wrap artificial leaves or veins on the AC line but first make sure that the copper pipe is well insulated with tape or cloth. 

ac pipe decoration

One can buy this at flower or decor shops.

Use your imagination to add more decor items and make the ugly look attractive.

ac pipe decoration

Don’ts to hide pipe 

I have seen people fix the copper piping in the wall itself by making a cavity and then putting pop, gypsum or cement.

This may sound like a nice idea but what will happen when one replaces his or her split AC with a newer unit.

He will have to remove the wall POP to replace the piping. Using the old AC pipe with newer AC is not recommended.

On average split AC’s in India last 3-5 year. So one will have to do the work every 3-5 year.

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