How to keep birds away from Air Conditioner

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Last year, pigeons were trying to make a nest on my window AC. This was disastrous as in the front there was a new building made which had a lot of small metallic wires. 

The fool pigeons were trying to make the nest from these metallic wires.  

My window AC has small holes and openings above it. Many of these metallic wires entered the AC along with their filthy droppings.

To prevent this I kept a big notebook on the AC’s top to prevent more of these wires from entering.

As the summers came I needed to service my AC twice as it had leaks in the coil and I am damn sure this leak was due to these metallic sharp wires which entered inside the AC.

If I had known there were better ways to get rid of pigeons then I would not have wasted time. 

So save your time, protect your AC and get a straightforward solution present in this post.

What Problems Can Pigeons cause?

Pigeons cannot enter inside the AC unit but they can try to sit on the top or make a nest.

By doing so they can poop, leave feathers, introduce twigs and other unwanted materials inside the AC or around it.

Bird dropping contains a high amount of ammonia which can increase the rate of corrosion if it gets inside the AC unit leading to unwanted leakage in the coils.

Its dropping can also clog the filter and cause poor air circulation.

It is also unhygienic and looks unappealing.

How to keep pigeons away from AC

1. Use Bird Spike

bird spike on split ac

Bird Spike is a cheap and straightforward solution to prevent the pigeons from sitting on the top of a window AC or outdoor unit.

Put this on the top of your air conditioner and pigeons will never dare to soil your AC with droppings.

Will it harm the pigeon?

The product is made of plastic not metal. The spikes are not that sharp and cannot harm any bird.

It will just give a difficult time to birds when they try to sit.

I have checked this Bird Spike(View Product on Amazon), it contains 5 pieces and is sufficient for a single window AC or the outdoor unit of a split AC.

How to install on AC?

The best way to fix it on AC is using a double sided tape. Apply the tape on the bottom of the spike and fix on the top of the AC.

Don’t use any strong glue as you may want to remove the bird spike when cleaning, servicing the AC.

DIY Bird spike

You can also do jugaad and make a similar thing at home.

You need toothpicks and a thin thermocol.

Measure the top dimension of your AC and get equivalent size thermocol.

Insert the toothpicks in the thermocol and you are ready with your own bird spike.

diy bird spike

Don’t use nails, it will harm the pigeons.

2. Use Anti Bird Net

green color bird netting

Pigeons often come to our balcony, make nests above or beneath the AC. The clothes you keep in the balcony for drying up also get affected by pigeon droppings.

Many times they fight and leave their feathers here and there.

To prevent all this you should use a net.

This will keep the pigeons away not only from the AC but also the entire balcony.

However this is only useful for your AC when the AC unit is inside the balcony.

The bird net can be installed on your balcony.

How to Install Bird Net

  1. Measure the dimensions of your balcony.
  2. Buy the right size net.
  3. You will need hooks, ropes for attaching the bird net.

Or you can simply get the net installed by the shop where you purchased it.

I have checked this Bird Net online. It comes with all the necessary parts like nails, ropes, clips using which you can install the net yourself.

Also there are more than 100+ size options to choose from.

Do check it out if you’re thinking of buying it.

3. Use Protective AC Cage

protective cage for ac

This is only recommended if your outdoor unit is placed on or near the ground.

A protective cage for AC is used for anti-theft purposes.

But this can also protect the AC unit from pigeons.

The cage is made of some kind of metal and is expensive.

4. Using Bird Repellent

Bird Repellent is generally used for protecting the indoor plants from the invasion of birds.

If it can repel the bird from plants then it will from your AC too.

One can use it to repel the birds from the AC unit. However this method is not a good solution for the long term and is not recommended.

5. Scare Away Birds with CDs

This method is also not recommended but you will learn some interesting facts regarding birds.

Many people have advocated the use of some reflecting material like the “digital disc” to scare away the birds.

The old CDs are shiny and reflective and this is why it distracts the birds from landing near.

You can check this article which explains why this works.

You can hang a few CDs above your AC unit to scare away the pigeons. 

What to do about the pigeon nest on my AC

If a pigeon has made a nest on your AC and its chick have been hatched then I request you don’t harm the pigeon or its chick.

Wait until the chicks get bigger and they will fly away on their own.

But if chicks have not hatched out from their eggs or no eggs have been laid then you can straightforwardly remove the bird nest.

  • Wear Gloves for hygiene purpose, you can also use a plastic bag
  • Lift the nest with a tray or with your own hands and throw it in the dustbin.
  • Wash your hands afterwards.

How to clean bird poop off air conditioner

  1. Use water and soap solution
  2. Use a spray bottle to spray on the surface or you can just pour water on the surface.
  3. Use a piece of towel or scrubber to scrape out the filth.

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